Back for more Postcards?

Again inspiring postcards from three rounds made by these artists. The postcards are also shown in their galleries together with their previous postcards:

Maureen Egan
Alexis Gardner
Barbara Daniel
Kay Laboda
Nancy Moore
Sheila Lacasse
patsy monk

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these postcards and will look at more postcards in the theme pages.

Deck of Cards – Spades

Again lovely and interesting postcards from Gill, Maureen and Colette. Use the link below each image to see for yourself.

Gill Clark, Deck of Cards (2)

Gill Clark, Deck of Cards (2)

Gill has made Spades and Winter theme postcards – see them in her gallery.

Maureen Egan, Deck of Cards (1)

Maureen Egan, Deck of Cards (1)

Maureen has also made two Spades postcards. These can also – together with a Music and Place Where Your Heart lives theme postcards – be seen in her gallery.

Colette Herrin, Deck of Cards (2)

Colette Herrin, Deck of Cards (2)

Colette has added two new Spades postcards. This is number ?
Take a look at her gallery page to see the second Spades.

Sun Print

Enjoy these sun printed postcards from our summer trade.
Click on an image to see a larger view:


What comes to your mind when presented with the idea of opposites? Click on an image to see a larger view of what came to mind for two of our artists:


Featured Artist- Maureen Egan

Maureen Egan lives in Westfield, Massachusetts, with her husband, Glen Ebisch.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I enjoy fashion sewing, machine embroidery, making quilts and wearable art, knitting, silk painting, and of course, creating fiber postcards. I also enjoy teaching occasional classes in local quilt shops, and I have published numerous articles in FiberArts, Designs in Machine Embroidery, and The Quilter magazines.

Why did you join Postmark’d Art?

I joined Postmark’d Art at the encouragement of Franki Kohler. I had learned about and been a member of Art2Mail a few years earlier when researching an article for FiberArts magazine. I quickly discovered the fun and creativity of postcard exchanges. It never fails to brighten my day when the mail contains a fabric postcard!

When did you start making postcards?

I made and mailed my first fabric postcard in 2007. “Fiber Art in the Mail” (2006), the article I wrote for FiberArts magazine, is viewable on the Interweave Press website. Although, regrettably, the magazine ceased publication in 2011, an archive of selected FiberArts articles is maintained.  I feel honored that my article is among them, in the Genres and Markets category. I also published a how-to article on using embroidery software to create machine embroidered postcards (“Say It With Thread”, Designs in Machine Embroidery, Jan/Feb, 2007).

How do you display your postcards?

I keep a selection of postcards in photo frames, as a sort of  “ongoing exhibit” and change them periodically.

What have been some of your favorite themes?

It’s very hard for me to choose favorites, because each theme has offered its own creative opportunities, and I have enjoyed them all. In “Doors” and “Photo to Fabric,” I experimented with photo editing software, and for “Fruits,” I made original artwork on my iPod Touch. I combined fabric painting and machine embroidery for “Flowers,” had fun with fusible appliqué for “Picasso,” and brought watercolor and silk painting to “Paul Klee.” I digitized my own machine embroidery designs for “Sight” and “Fish.” Each and every theme has been a delight to try.

Tell me about your other interests.

Although I very much enjoy working in small scale to make fabric postcards, my interests extend to many other media and sizes of projects, too. I like working large scale, too, as in my “Millennium Triptych” of three 2,000-piece quilts.  Fashion sewing was my earliest fabric interest, and I still like to make clothing. The “little black dress” is a recent project. Painting on silk is a very rewarding medium for making scarves or creating small works for framing. “Sunset on Cape Cod” translates a vacation photograph into fabric for the very first fiber art postcard I ever mailed. I sent it to my husband, who keeps it in a little frame on his desk to this day.

You can usually find me in Massachusetts, my home state. It was not the most accommodating shape to incorporate in a postcard, but I had fun with it nevertheless! Of course including our islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. I live right near the tiny “notch” that reaches down into Connecticut.