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Colette Herrin
Suzanne Kistler
Lynn Woll
Kay Laboda

Link to Lynn Woll’s site where she shows how she makes her Diamond postcards. 


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Today we are showing brand new postcards from these artists:

Sue Andrus
Sara Kelly
Michalee Sloan
Meena Schaldenbrand
Alexis Gardner
Kay Laboda

The postcards are also shown in each artist gallery together with their previous postcards.

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Again inspiring postcards from three rounds made by these artists. The postcards are also shown in their galleries together with their previous postcards:

Maureen Egan
Alexis Gardner
Barbara Daniel
Kay Laboda
Nancy Moore
Sheila Lacasse
patsy monk

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these postcards and will look at more postcards in the theme pages.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

Right now the air is full of butterflies and dragonflies. If not in your garden you can find them here in Kay’s and Shiela’s delightful creations.

Kay Laboda created stitched dragonflies on a silky background and
Sheila Lacasse created appliqued and embellished butterflies.

Please visit their gallery pages by clicking on their names.

The postcards will be shown on their members gallery page in addition to their previous,  amazing postcards.

Kay Laboda, Dragonfly 3

Kay Laboda, Dragonfly 3

Sheila Lacasse, Butterflies 2

Sheila Lacasse, Butterflies 2

Indispensable Tools

We recently had a conversation about the tools that we can’t possibly do without. As always, the comments were wide-ranging and interesting:

Kay Laboda said she can’t live without a seam ripper. “I use it for lots of tasks. Like when I need to hold down the fabric in front of the foot on the machine, or pulling the thread through from the back of the quilt, or when I thread the needle and have to pull the loop, and dozens of other small things. It’s truly my best friend. That’s why I have a dozen of them.”

“Misty Fuse is my favorite tool,” says Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone. “I love the Goddess Sheets because I can be sure my iron will remain clean. And I couldn’t be without Quilting Arts Magazine and all the gals connected with it.”

From Diana Mains Welte, “I cannot live without my ruler. It is a 6”x13” Easy Rule by Sharon Hulton from EZ Quilting. I have had it forEVER. I rely upon it to accurately cut a 4 x 6 postcard — I would be lost without it.”

“I’m going to admit that I can’t manage without my Squeezers!” says Myfanwy Hart. “Scissors that you squeeze closed, fit perfectly in the hand and have curved cutting edges to fit under the sewing machine needle for trimming threads as close as you can go!”



“My essential tool is an extension table.” says Lauren. “I have one for each of my sewing machines. My favorite is the Sew Steady.  I use it on my sewing machine even when making postcards. The only time I take it off is for piecing 1/4-inch seams.”

Sara Kelly chimed in, “My favorite tools are my hands. They are the happiest part of me most days if I’ve been able to sew, knit, etc., especially when arthritis reminds me to treasure their flexibility each day I have it.”

Maureen Curlewis admits that she would be LOST without her collection of hand sewing/embroidery needles. “And,” she adds, “at last we have wet weather in south-east Queensland, making conditions perfect for stitching!”

“I cannot imagine life without my computer,” says Franki Kohler. “I’ve made so many wonderful connections with other artists around the world. It also connects me with incredible teachers and more inspiration than I could use in a lifetime!”

What is your favorite tool?

P.S. None of the above comments are paid endorsements of products.


Six giraffe-loving members have created a delightful herd of the long-necked wonders! Click on an image for a larger view.

To see more postcard art, check out the individual galleries. Just hover your cursor over the Gallery tab, then select an artist’s name from the list. Enjoy!

Alphabet trade: S, T, U, V, W

The letters S, T, U, V and W inspired the following postcards:

S is for Singer by Sarah Ann Smith

S is for Singer, SmithT is for Toile by Franki KohlerToile, KohlerU is for Up and Away by Kay Laboda

U is for Up, LabodaV is for Valentine (and violin!) by Sherry Boram

V is for Valentine, BoramW is for a Walk in the Sand by Vivian Aumond-Capone

W is for walk, Aumond-CaponeSee what other letters of the alphabet inspired here, here, here, here and here.

Alphabet Trade: N, O, P, Q, R

The letters N, O, P, Q, and R inspired the following postcards:

N is for Nasturtium by Kay Laboda

Nasturtium, Kay Laboda

O is for Orange Oval by Lynn Chinnis

O for Orange Oval, Chinnis

O is for O Tangle by Vivian Aumond-CaponeO Tangles Aumond-CaponeP is for Postcards! by Sherry Boram

P is for Postcard, BoramQ is for 4 Quarters by Evie HarrisQ is for 4 quarters, HarrisR is for Rhino by Maureen CallahanR is for rhino, CallahanSee what other letters of the alphabet inspired here, here, here, and here.

Alphabet: K, L, M

The letters K, L and M inspired the following postcards during our Alphabet trades:

K is for Kite by Sherry Boram

Sherry Boram, Kite

K is for Kite by Karin McElvein

Karin McKlvein, Kite

L is for Leopard by Kay Laboda

Laboda, Kay, L is for LeopardL is for Leaves by Kay Laboda

Kay Laboda, LeavesL is for Ludwig by Sarah Ann Smith

Sarah Ann Smith, LudwigM is for Mandala by Diana Welte

Diana Welte, MandalaM by Marjorie DeQuincy

Marjorie DeQuincy, MSee earlier postings about the alphabet trades here, here, and here.