Back for more Postcards?

Again inspiring postcards from three rounds made by these artists. The postcards are also shown in their galleries together with their previous postcards:

Maureen Egan
Alexis Gardner
Barbara Daniel
Kay Laboda
Nancy Moore
Sheila Lacasse
patsy monk

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these postcards and will look at more postcards in the theme pages.

New Handmade Art Postcards

I hope you will enjoy these wonderful,  last postcards for round 22 from:

Sue Andrus,
Vivian Aumond-Capone,
Maureen Callahan,
Barbara Daniel and
Marina Kitto 

A click on the names above will take you to their galleries where Vivian, Sue and Maureen show their many inspiring postcards from previous rounds.
Marina and Barbara are new members and you will find the same postcards here as on their galleries.

Click on image for larger view.