Join a New Group

Postmark’d Art has very limited openings for new members. We invite new members to join us to keep our group at a limit of 50. However, we want to support postcard swapping and those who are interested.

If you would like to join a new group of fabric postcard traders, click here. A quick note with your name, postal address and email will do it. When 25 people have confirmed an interest in joining, we will bundle all the names and addresses into one email and forward that to all parties. You will then have a chance to discuss the new group among yourselves, choose a moderator if you feel you need one, and possibly set up a Yahoo group to share photos.

By sending this information, you are agreeing that it’s okay for us to send your name, postal address, and email address to the other members of your group. We only collect names and addresses until we have a group of 25; as soon as your group is started, we’ll delete your information to protect your privacy.

It goes without saying, of course (but we’ll say it anyway), that we do not rent, sell, give away, trade or share your information with anyone for any reason. You won’t receive any emails from us except the one acknowledging your information and the later one with your group’s names and addresses.

Franki Kohler