Tyvek Part IV: Vaporizing

by Marjorie Lee Jin En DeQuincy

This is the final article on manipulating Tyvek into an artistic element. Here we will discuss vaporizing Tyvek. This means making certain parts disappear by design and that is achieved applying heat for a longer period of time than the distortion process.

1. Using a marked and /or painted piece of Tyvek, cut out motifs free-hand or from a pattern or stamped image.

2. Lay the design on a background of your choice. This background is a hand-painted fabric.

3. The Tyvek can be lightly spot-glued in place. Then the top can be placed on batting or other filling of your choice.

4. The Tyvek should be stitched in place. The stitching will provide more control and a more predictable result. You could do other decorative stitching at this point as well.

5. When stitching is completed, decide which part of the design you want to remove. Place the heated  iron on that portion of the design. Lift the iron after a few seconds to determine your progress. It’s better to take your time, rather than vaporize more than you planned. On the other hand, a totally skeletonized image could be intriguing!

Here is a finished postcard with a partially vaporized Tyvek leaf.

Tyvek can be cut into any shape you choose prior to heating. It can be painted, manipulated and trimmed after heating. The possibilities and results are only limited by your imagination!