Tyvek Part III: Using a Heat Gun (con’t)

by Marjorie Lee Jin En DeQuincy

An iron or heat gun can be used to manipulate Tyvek into an artistic element. It can distort or even “vaporize” the Tyvek depending on how hot or how long the heat is applied. Using the techniques I’ve shared in Parts I and II, you will need to experiment using your iron and heat gun on Tyvek.  Here are a few illustrations of how I’ve manipulated Tyvek and put it to an artful use.

This postcard has a  cloud and the bird together.

Here is the reverse side of the cloud. It can be painted, cut and crumpled.

When painted and cut, it could resemble a rocky place on a new landscape.That’s it. Now go to your studio and see what you can come up with. Enjoy!