Featured Techniques

Part of the appeal of making fabric postcards is the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and/or materials in a small format, and to know that these “experiments” will go to an appreciative audience.  A second plus is seeing the techniques and materials used on the cards we receive.  Several of our members have graciously shared their techniques.

Bark Made Using Lutrador
Displaying Postcards
Embossed Velvet
Embossing Angelina
Fabric Paper or Paper Fabric?
Fabric Postcard Dreamcatchers
Heavy Metal – Part I
Heavy Metal – Part II
Kaleidoscope Kreator 3
Layering With Sheers
On the Edge
Paste Paper Patterning on Plastic Bags
Photo Imagery
Playing With Tyvek – Part I
Playing With Tyvek – Part II
Playing With Tyvek – Part III
Playing With Tyvek – Part IV
Quaking Aspen Bark
Sea Salt Painting
Stenciling With Paintstiks
Texture Gels
Textured Background
Variations on Heliographic Prints
Word Clouds