Simplified Landscapes etc.

With almost 2 months left of round 27 we are showing new postcards from

Sara Kelly
Alexis Gardner
Marilyn Trapp
Evie Harris
Sheila Lacasse
Colette Herrin

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8 Themes, 7 Artists and 1 Tutorial

Together with all the lovely postcards we have here today, Lynn Woll sent a link to her website with a tutorial for her postcard. Thank you, Lynn.

Today these artist are showing their take on 8 different themes:

Lauren C
Gill Clark
Gurli Gregersen
Suzanne Kistler
patsy monk
Marilyn Trapp
Lynn Woll

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Time for a Break?

Take a look at all the latest, inspiring, beautiful, awesome and brilliant postcards from the previous rounds made by these artists and shown in their galleries together with their previous postcards:

Sue Andrus
Pat Bell
Christine Bostock
Colette Herrin
Michalee Sloan
Sandra Wagner

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these postcards and find more postcards in the theme pages.

Solo Exhibit for Suzanna Bond

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Royal RobeFiber art and oil paintings of Suzanna Bond will be featured at

Libreria Martinez de Chapman University

216 North Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92701

November 2 – 23, 2013

Artist Talk Saturday, November 2, 6 – 9 p.m.

Seating limited: RSVP (714)973-7900 or

Putting Pieces Together“Relationships draw us to symbols that express a heart language.” says Suzanna. “Often these images evoke our longing for understanding of the world around us, whether remote or personal Common textiles used as medium can evoke memories of our earliest experiences, often unconsciously. We incite our own healing process as we connect to modern icons of portraiture.”

Suzanna is a native Californian who studied commercial art at The Burnley School in Seattle, WA. Recent studies have included textile arts and portrait painting with Kirk Miller.

Waiting for School

“Putting Pieces Together” by Suzanna Bond


Suzanna Bond had an opportunity this past fall to make a small piece for a local cafe. The cafe is run by volunteers who are members of her church and all proceeds go to compassion projects locally and globally.  The design for Putting Pieces Together was inspired by a photograph Suzanna took in a sewing workshop which was part of the business skills department of Missions of Hope International in Nairobi, Kenya.

“I start out by tracing the photo with pencil. The photocopied enlargement of the pencil sketch creates a nice character to the lines and helps me loosen up a bit. Working from a sketch helps me to get away from a mere reproduction of a photo to something that takes on a life of it’s own. I make pattern pieces with tracing paper and cut them from the right side of pre-fused fabric, fusing onto the batting. Taking a class with Patty Hawkins got me jump started on these techniques. The facial features were machine quilted over a light pencil sketch. A small piece that was really a joy to make,” shared Suzanna.