About the Project

The Summer 2004 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine contained an article entitled “Postcards with an Edge.” It spoke of a group of women who were making 4″x6″ fabric postcards and mailing them to each other. These little art treasures were being sent to complete strangers just for the thrill of sharing art. Six nearly full-size images of postcards showed an incredible amount of technique using paints, pen, stamps, hand and machine stitching, small items attached and wonderful, wonderful designs. At the end of the article, we were teased to view more postcards at fibercards.com, now Art2Mail.

The site also invited those who were interested to “click here” to join a round of card trading. Enough people clicked that Postmark’d Art was born and a new group of people are “stalking the mailman!”

Today we are close to 50 fiber arts junkies who hail from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, United States, Wales, England, Denmark, and Singapore happily experimenting with new techniques and products, sharing ideas, and our art. Our postcards have led us to more than our studios: some teach classes on a wide range of quilt topics nationally and internationally; two artists have written books about postcards which have been published (C&T Publishing and Martingale & Company); three other artists have written books on thread work, the art quilt and historic quilts (C&T Publishing, AQS Publishing and Voyageur Press); others are garnering success with their art in galleries and national shows. This small format has big impact!