3 Themes and a No Theme

Today we are presenting new, intriguing postcards from Christine, Sara and Suzanne.

Please visit their galleries (click on their names below) to enjoy all their fantastic postcards.

Christine Bostock has designed Art Deco and Single Colour themed postcards.

Sara Kelly has designed No Theme and Sunset themed postcards.

Suzanne Kistler has designed her last postcard theme for this round: Sunrise.

One thought on “3 Themes and a No Theme

  1. Hi everyone. Time has slipped away from me and the deadline is looming over my head and I’ve barely begun my postcards. I have been ill through this entire round and kept thinking I would get better enough to make the cards.  I have full intention of making cards and sending them out, it just won’t happen it before the deadline. I am so sorry.  the groups affected are:spring no themeOne colorsunrise / sunset Colette

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