Butterflies, Dragonflies, Mosaic and Sunsets

With just about a month left of this round of this postcard trade we are sharing new beautiful postcards from some of the themes you might have seen before: a mosaic, airy dragonflies with shiny wings, sunsets (as they should be every evening) and fluttering and colorful butterflies.

Please visit Lauren’s, Debbie’s and Alexis’ galleries by a click on their names below the images:

If you would like to see what we already have for each theme right now just click on a theme on this page: Theme Gallery

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3 Themes and a No Theme

Today we are presenting new, intriguing postcards from Christine, Sara and Suzanne.

Please visit their galleries (click on their names below) to enjoy all their fantastic postcards.

Christine Bostock has designed Art Deco and Single Colour themed postcards.

Sara Kelly has designed No Theme and Sunset themed postcards.

Suzanne Kistler has designed her last postcard theme for this round: Sunrise.

Art Deco, Single Colour and Spring

Today we have added Art Deco, Single Colour and  our first Spring theme postcards to our personal galleries and theme galleries.


Suzanne Kistler, Single Colour (2)

Suzanne Kistler, Single Colour (2)

Suzanne has been in a wonderful spring and summer mood and has made gorgeous postcards. You can see them in Suzanne’s gallery and in the theme galleries.
Furthermore Suzanne has been blogging about the creation of the postcards: The Single Colour postcard and the Spring postcard – the last about the Spring postcard is a tutorial.


Gurli Gregersen, Art Deco 2

Gurli Gregersen, Art Deco 2

I have written two post on my blog about my work with my Art Deco choice. If you want to take a look please click here: Art Deco Postcards for the first and here for the last:
Art Deco Postcards – 2

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