Theme ‘Single Color’ and ‘Sunset-Sunrise’

This time I am pleased to present these charming postcards from two of our new members, Millie Johnson (one postcard) and Pat Bell (4 different postcards).

The postcards will be shown on each members gallery page.

Millie Johnson, Sunset-sunrise

Millie Johnson, Sunset-sunrise

Pat Bell, Single Color (3)

Pat Bell, Single Color (3)

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About gurligregersen

As daughter of a dressmaker I have been playing with fabrics from my early childhood. My interest for patchwork and quilt started in the seventies where I primarily worked with application and fabric pictures. From 2005 I started with art quilts. Art quilt gives you a possibility to play with fabric of all kind together with other materials. I use old and new techniques and design, dye, paint, print, embroider and embellish. Inspiration comes from many places e.g. photos, nature, text, remembrance. Courses: Fabric Pictures with Edel Skov Patchwork with Ulla Knudsgaard ‘City & Guilds’ courses with Linda Kemshall: ‘Level 3 Patchwork and Quilting Certificate’ 1 year ‘Level 3 Patchwork and Quilting Diploma’ 3 years

One thought on “Theme ‘Single Color’ and ‘Sunset-Sunrise’

  1. I think they are great! Sorry I did not sign up for that Theme.. We are leaving for a 1month+ drive East Vacation, end stop, we hope Maine. Starting point Ca. visiting family on the way, home, planned to be the second week of July! Will have computer etc . Will be making my postcards in end of July. Fun that we are posting and look forward to seeing more postcards..

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