Heather Lair Tribute

Heather Lair

We are sad to share that Heather Lair passed away on July 3. Heather was a master quilter, artist and teacher.  Heather joined Postmark’d Art in April 2009 and generously shared her art, inspiration and techniques with us.

We all had the pleasure of joining Heather for a tour of her studio in December 2011. She shared family history with Karen Musgrave in her essay “The Oldest UFO” for her book Quilts in the Attic, Uncovering the Hidden Stories of the Quilts We Love.  She was looking forward to teaching in Australia in 2015 and member Maureen Curlewis was excited about the opportunity to meet her in person.

Here is some of the art that Heather shared with us.

We will miss Heather, her art and her friendship.

View Heather’s obituary here. To learn more about Heather’s art and teaching, visit her site here.

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