Typography: Ransom Note

Typography (the style and appearance of printed matter) has always held a fascination for me as I know it does for many artists so when it was selected as one of the themes for our sixteenth exchange, I was thrilled. It is amazing how many countless ways a letter can be designed — add artist elements and you can truly have a work of art. I kept thinking of different ways I could play with typography in an interesting and fun way within the 4″ x 6″ format. Since I love to write, words kept popping into my mind until finally the idea of doing a ransom note created from cut up letters from magazines popped into my head. You would have thought this would be an easy task. Alas, it took nearly six hours and many magazines for me to complete my ransom note. I was happy. Next step was to scan it, reverse the image and use TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) to create the five postcards I needed for the trade. I decided to use a tone-on-tone white fabric to give them a little more interest. I am looking forward to the chocolate!

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