Kay Laboda Installs a New Exhibit at Visions Art Museum

Kay Laboda has been a volunteer for Visions Art Museum in San Diego, CA, since 2007. Initially she worked with the exhibition hanging crew taking down the current exhibit and hanging the new one. Soon she was asked to be part of the exhibition committee. Her involvement in the process is now complete, from planning to hanging.

The committee, chaired by museum Director Beth Smith and including nine dedicated volunteers, meets once a month to plan the next three years of exhibitions for VAM. The committee has 2013 and 2014 planned and booked. Details for 2015 are being fleshed out now and the process of brainstorming for 2016 has begun. In addition to specific exhibits that will be booked, the committee coordinates a member challenge that will coincide with and compliment each exhibit.

For the past three years Kay’s duties have included designing the exhibits. Kay particularly enjoys the responsibility of placing each quilt. Considering the elements of individual pieces is only the starting point — the next question is, “Will the quilts play together well?” Showing individual pieces along-side art produced by another artist in a harmonious way takes an artist’s eye.

Kay walks us through her recent experience of preparing and hanging a new exhibition, Tracing the Steps: The Diversity of Fiber, new work by 17 artist members of California Fibers. Before the new exhibit is hung, the current exhibit is taken down, the art is returned to the artists and the walls are patched and painted. Now the new exhibit can be hung.

Lisa and Jan unpack a quilt for the exhibit.

Mapping out where the art quilts will be hung. Blue painter’s tape outlines the spaces.

Kay measures the spaces. Each quilt is centered on a space 60″ from the floor.

Hanging one of the art quilts.

Sally on scaffolding adjusting the lights.

Kay leveling three pieces.

Also on exhibit is Insights, a juried exhibition of 12 quilts by the members of the Visions Critique Group.  View the current exhibit here:   http://www.visionsartmuseum.org/index.asp

2 thoughts on “Kay Laboda Installs a New Exhibit at Visions Art Museum

  1. I was just there… delightful show… First time to make it to San Diego from Yosemite in a long time. This will be the first year that Visions the Art Quilt Show will be at this location, right?,, I have always attended in Oceanside Is there going to be room for the 40+ quilts???? Did you restrict size of entries? Is there a broadening of restrictions, such as Fiber vs 3 layers- as in a quilt. I had always hoped the show would grow, because it is a long way for us to travel and I love seeing the quilts in person. I have all the catalogs from the 80’s on.
    Thank you for sharing how you hang this show…

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