New Tutorials Available

One of the many joys of being a part of the Postmark’d Art group is the giving nature of the members. We each share so much about how we create our art. And because we’re here on-line, we’re sharing that information with you as well.

Meta Heemskerk has written a tutorial on her sure-fire method of Dyeing Silk Scarves in the Microwave. How cool is that? It looks incredibly easy and produces wonderful results!

Maureen Callahan has been creating Word Clouds for some time. We know you’ve seen them used in advertising many times. Well, now you can create your own impressive word clouds. Check it out!

We hope you enjoy learning about new techniques as much as we do. If you do, please drop us a note here to tell us.

2 thoughts on “New Tutorials Available

  1. Oh my goodness, Meta and Maureen. Thank you for such great tutorials and distracting me from what I really should be doing. Now my mind is wandering down those new paths you have shared….and it’s all your fault!!

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