All About the Back- First of Three

One of the wonderful things about postcards is they have two sides/opportunities for art and expression. When I began writing this article I had no idea that there was as much to explore and share about the backs of postcards. This is also one of the beautiful things about creating postcards. You are free do be as expressive as you like and you have two sides to do it!

Some people love to have the word “postcard” on their backs. It can be done as simply as hand writing or using a rubber stamp. Others like to use their computer and print on either fabric or paper, some use TAP or Artist Transfer Paper (more on this later) and yet another group prefers commercially printed backs.

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If having the word “postcard” is not your cup of tea, rubber stamps can also be purchased to frame your postage stamps. Mary Lee Eischen owns a lovely example.

Rubber stamps can also be used to brighten a back or as a salutation.

Of course, people also use their printers to have fun on their backs. Here Maureen Callahan used her printer on paper to share her message for the Elements-Earth exchange.

Kay Laboda used photo transfer to add this image which she also used on the front for the Inspiration Quotes exchange–“You gotta dance like there’s nobody watching…”

While Karin McElvein used photo transfer and a chop she purchased for about $10 during a trip to China in 2001 for the By the Light of the Moon exchange.

To learn more about our members’ chops go to our March 22nd post tilted “Ladies with Chops.”

Please join me on June 6 as we continue our exploration.

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