Vivian Meets the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Challenge

You know what they say, “If you don’t enter, you can’t win.” Pretty simple, really. Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine challenged their readers to send them mail in the form of postcards. Don’t you wish you could have been at their offices when they started pouring in — all 200 of them, sans envelopes and in great condition?

Vivian Helena took the challenge. The result? Her postcard was one of 43 chosen to be published in the May/June issue that is on the news stands now. Here’s the first page of the article:Page 88 shows Vivian’s postcard (middle row, right).

The inspiration for this particular postcard was Vivian’s friend Jane, who sends beautiful birthday cards year after year. Vivian decided to take one of those treasured cards apart so she could use the wire flower on a special fabric postcard. Jane lives in Southern California, near the ocean so Vivian included water on the postcard. She used her hand dyed fabrics and commercial batiks. In addition, she hand painted the sky and used yarn, beads and wire flowers.

The editors of Cloth, Paper, Scissors said, “Be brave and send your art through the mail. You’ll make the recipient and the postal carrier smile.” We at Postmark’d Art would add that creating these mini treasures is a lot of fun!

You can find out what else Vivian is up to on her blog.

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