Featured Artist Marianne Bishop

Marianne Bishop lives and creates in Quincy, Massachusetts.

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

Even as a child fabrics and fibers interested me. My little Ginny dolls had lovely crocheted dresses to wear and I was quite young when I crocheted a complicated popcorn stitch bed-jacket for my mother. I live in the large city of Quincy, Massachusetts, which offers a public transit system allowing easy access to Boston Museum of Art and the wonderfully creative Cambridge community.

2. Why did you join Postmark’d Art?

My local the fabric shop, where I had taken quilting classes, offered a one-day fabric postcard class. We were given a demonstration and an exciting display of creative samples to get us interested. The shop also provided us with the supplies necessary to make three postcards.  I was hooked!

3. When did you start making postcards?

Joining Postmark’d Art was really a piece of luck for me. While searching the Internet for fabric postcards, I came across Franki Kohler’s website.  It seemed very professional to me and I wrote Franki to see if, just maybe, she thought I would be creative enough to join in the next swap. She has been an inspiration ever since to me: a true mentor and leader. All the creative cards from the members of Postmark’d Art keeps me on my toes.

4. How do you display your postcards?

Unlike many, I have a different way of sharing my treasures. The newest cards are displayed on my china cabinet but the rest are in a plastic box that I freely lend out to my friends. This allows them to share the cards with their friends and family and gives them the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy looking and comparing all the different techniques. One of the things they also find fascinating is the variety of states and countries the cards come from.

5. What have been some of your favorite themes?

Some of my favorite themes have been the Elements ones. We would make a 12 x 12 piece then cut it into six postcards (keeping one and swapping the other five). It was extremely challenging and fun to make Bark using painted fusible web. This particular technique produced a fascinating card that even felt like bark. For Rain and Wind, I created them totally by hand and the resulting effect was pleasing and graceful, so much so that I used them for my No Theme swap too.

Working on the different themes, I discovered that I love needle felting by hand. I don’t have a studio and was able to leave my work out on the table to add additional embellishments or roving to as needed until my idea was created.

6. Tell me about your other interests.

My other interests include quilting, quilted tote bags, simple beading, painting, knitting and crocheting.

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