Featured Artist–Sue Andrus

Sue Andrus says, “I  love to create beautiful art with fabric, paint and thread; using flowers, gardens and my surroundings as inspiration. Painting and sun printing fabric, nature photography, printing photos to fabric and more help me to bring my inspirations into my art.” You can learn more about her by visiting her website.

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a wife, mom of three grown sons who are all in the military, step-mom to a daughter five years younger than me, grandmother of seven ranging in age from 3-24 years (stepdaughter has four children aged 13-24 years), and another new one due this summer. I grew up in rural western New York State, and have lived in Towanda, Pennsylvania, for 30 years. (Can I be that old?) I’m a genetically predisposed fabricoholic who began quilting when my now 22-year-old granddaughter was a baby (since I didn’t have any little girls to make cute ruffled dresses) using my stash of fabric started when I was in high school. I sold quilts, wall hangings, place mats, table runners, etc. from 1992 until I discovered art quilts ten years later and got hooked. I switched to selling art quilts and quilted jewelry when what I had been doing became boring. Late in 2007, I had to stop selling at shows due to medical issues that made setting up displays too difficult to do, and began looking into selling on the web. I now sell my art quilts, jewelry, and more from my shops on ArtFire.com.

2. Why did you join Postmark’d Art?

I started playing with making postcards and found Postmark’d Art while looking for an exchange group so I could have a “reason” to make more postcards and have others to trade them with.

3. When did you start making postcards?

I began making postcards early in 2006 when they began to be mentioned on the Quiltart list serve. I found they were a great way to try out new ideas in a small format.

4. How do you display your postcards?

I hang some around on various boards around the house and have a box that I keep a bunch in that are fun to pull out for others to flip through to drool over.

5. What have been some of your favorite themes?

Any theme that would involve flowers or nature in any form or another would be my favorites which leads to the next question.

6. Tell me about your other interests.

I love working with my flowers and gardens. My college degree is in Floriculture and I spent the first twenty-seven years after college working in or owning greenhouses, garden centers or floral shops. When the last greenhouse business I owned went belly-up, I was finally able to spend the time I had dreamed of in my own gardens —  taking photos of my flowers and adding more plants. I have perennials, trees and shrubs that I have collected, since getting married, in my huge flower gardens that surround my home. Many plants had been moved many times until we settled where we are 22 yrs ago. Plants and flowers have become part of my quilt art in the form of sun printed fabrics made using various leaves and flowers, photos I have taken printed onto fabric, and most recently flowers cut with a die cutting machine. My quilting gives me a way to garden using fabric when I am not able to play in the gardens outdoors, but I still dream of living in the middle of a botanical garden.

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