Karen Musgrave’s Book is Out!

Quilts in the Attic: Uncovering the Hidden Stories of the Quilts We Love is available now. Or you can purchase an autographed copy from Karen.

Karen says:  The book is not just about “old” quilts.  I have always been passionate about showing people that quilts are much bigger than you think. I want the book to have surprises and most of the stories have details that have never been known.
In the official press release, Karen wrote:

As both history and art, quilts help express the human experience and can lead quilters to discoveries about themselves, about the past, and about artistic creation as a whole. Quilts in the Attic features 30 heartwarming stories of great quilt discoveries—from bidding on a breathtaking quilt at an estate auction in Virginia to uncovering a little-known art form in France to finding and repairing a priceless heirloom quilt that had been used, neglected, and damaged, these stories from everyday stitchers and well-known quilters alike reveal the mystery and meaning of the quilts we love.

One of the things Karen really loves about her book is the surprise that the reader gets upon opening it — each essay has its own colored paper. She said she wishes she could take credit for that, but the publisher made that decision. She learned about it when  she received her advance copy. The size is often a surprise to people as well: it’s just a little more than 5″ by 7″ by 1″.
Find out what Karen’s up to now on her blog.

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