Featured Artist- Janet Hartje

Janet Hartje lives in Woodbury, MN which is a suburb of the Twin Cities.  She joined Postmark’d Art in March of 2009, but she had already been making postcards.  She is a member of Minnesota Quilters, Minnesota Contemporary Quilters and SAQA.  She had her first solo show last June in Woodbury.  She says that she started her blog “mostly as a method of self-motivation and a journal.  I thought I would be able to look back and see what I had accomplished over time and see how much I have grown.  It was a surprise to me that other people found my blog interesting.” Her goals for this year are to re-new her blog and post on a more regular basis and to open an Etsy shop. “One step at a time, I am growing.”

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I have been sewing since I was about 10.  I made a lot of clothes when I first started sewing, made my first quilt when I was in high school.  I started doing more fiber art when my children started to leave home for their own life journeys.  I was a teacher at one point in time but several moves to different states (due to my husband’s work) and a car accident, I knew I needed a different occupation.  I am enjoying my journey learning as much as I can.  I am involved in a number of online groups, which I really enjoy.  Several of them exchange postcards, which leads to the next question.

2. Why did you join Postmark’d Art?

I brought some of my postcards for show and share at Minnesota Contemporary Quilters.  Deb Svedberg, who is a member, invited me to join Postmark’d Art because she could see that I really like making art in this small format.

3. How have your postcards changed since you began?

My postcards are constantly changing.  I find this is a great way to try a new technique.  If I find I don’t like a technique, the postcards are small enough that I don’t have to worry about forcing myself to do too many.  At the same time, I can improve my skills when I make several at a time.

4. How do you display your postcards?

I have most of my postcards in a photo box but I have some hanging on my wall. My recent postcards from group members are on my bookshelves for me to see for inspiration.

5. What have been some of your favorite themes?

I really like song themes, which is the one I just completed for this group but I have also done that same theme with another group.  I am looking forward to the two I signed up for this time: van Gogh and Steampunk.

6. What other interests do you enjoy?

I love to read, garden in the summer, travel with my family, hand sewing, a little knitting, traditional quilts, painting and photography.  We just returned from a trip to Oahu (Hawaii) where I took many photos. I like to use my photos for inspiration for my art quilts.  I recently won a photo contest with a picture of my son’s pet hedgehog.

What do you think?

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