The Palm Challenge – Janet Hartje

Janet Hartje is a member of the Rosie Quilters, formed in 2009 this small group of fiber artists meet monthly at the library coffee shop in Roseville, Minnesota. The library was the most central location for the eight-member group who live in the Twin Cities area. Good friendships and support for a diverse fiber art journey is the primary benefit of the group. Members of the group originally met through Minnesota Contemporary Quilters.

Early in 2011 the group decided upon their first challenge. Each member brought a photograph for consideration, one was selected, a 4-month deadline was set and seven members participated. Janet Hartje read about a call for local artists in Woodbury’s (approximately 16 miles southeast of Roseville) city newsletter. City officials were eager to feature month-long exhibits at Woodbury’s City Hall. Janet took photographs of a few of the completed quilts to show the exhibits curator — the exhibit was scheduled for November on the spot!

Here’s the photograph each member used as their inspiration:

And here are the quilts on exhibit. The artists (from left to right) are Nancy Wick, Zannah Martin, Stephanie Forsyth, Janet Hartje and Janet Hovde.

The artists below are (from left to right) Kathy Tuominen and Melissa Nellis.

Janet admits, “It’s a little addicting, the high you get from seeing your work hanging in a public space! We would like to find more venues to exhibit our work.” She’ll be scouting out new possibilites and the Rosie Quilters will definitely be challenging themselves again.

The quilts are being exhibited for the month of November at Woodbury City Hall. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by.

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