Featured Artist- Sherry Boram

Postmark’d Art’s first Featured Artist is Sherry Boram, one of the charter members of the group. Sherry and her husband live in Pendleton, Indiana. The postcards shared here are a few of Sherry’s favorites.

Sue Reno (Round 8)

Tell me a little about yourself.

Growing up in a musical family with a house full of instruments, I had to play along even though I mostly wanted to make things! After leaving the nest, there were plenty of opportunities to express my creative side while raising my family, but not until retirement from teaching music and managing the family business was my love of art making fully realized.

Dian Stanley (Round 3)

You joined in the very beginning in 2004. Why did you join Postmark’d Art?

I discovered nontraditional quiltmaking just before we began our Airstream travel in 1999. A web search brought me to Quiltart.com, and the online discussions occasionally suggested challenge projects. Having had fun and success with some of those challenges, I spotted Franki Kohler’s invitation to join Postmark’d Art, which was the perfect mix of timing, creative fun, travel-friendly size, and community.

Jane Davila (Round 5)

How have your postcards changed over the last seven years?

From the beginning, I decided to put my best efforts into these small quilted works – in composition, innovation, and workmanship. I continue with this goal, though some of my postcards are less successful than others! Because fiber postcards lend themselves so well to experimentation, I keep adding new techniques and materials to my repertoire, while continuing to use my tried-and-true favorites. Nontraditional and offbeat materials beckon, so decorator fabrics, silk, and paper often show up in my work. They are also fun to shop for, and I have favorite stores around the country.

It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of the small art treasures coming from our group, as well as the developing success of their creators on the world art quilt stage.

Karen Musgrave (Round 10)

How do you display your postcards?

I don’t display them. They’re in file boxes, though I take many of them with me when I’m giving a program or teaching a postcard class.

Kathie Briggs (Round 5)

What have been some of your favorite themes? 

The early rounds of Postmark’d Art were themeless, but I usually prefer the challenge and focus that a theme provides. One of my favorites is “Obscure Holidays” which we have done a couple of times. Every time I think about some of them, I laugh! Responding to themes with humor or quirkiness is fun for me.

Postmark’d Art has given me the perfect congenial way to exchange art and friendship with people from all over the place and I’m in it for the long haul!

Norma Buida

Tell me about your other interests.

Travel, wellness, simplicity, philosophy, vegan cooking, social justice, poetry, current events, family history, equality, women’s social issues, reflexology, energy medicine, First People, peace issues, education reform, human behavior and relationships, community building, spiritualism, environmental hazards related to health, music consumption, crop circles, environmental design, and documentary films. There must be more.

Sara Kelly (Round 11)

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist- Sherry Boram

    • Thank you, Peggy.
      I sound OCD about my interests, but I must confess that there really are more and all of them figure into the mental/emotional machinery that serves my art making. (I blame it on my out-of-control curiosity!)
      I had a large pile of favorite cards and had to force myself to pick just a few. The remarkable variety in my Postmark’d Art collection astounds me every time I look through my growing stash!!

  1. Thank you, Del, for checking out my interview and taking the time to post a comment.
    I was so thrilled that Del wanted ORDER AND CHAOS for her wonderful collection where it is in such good company.

    By the way, Dian Stanley’s postcard (above) is one that always makes me grin. It’s for “Take Your Plant For A Walk Day”, one of those obscure holidays I mentioned!

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