A New Face for Postmark’d Art

Postmark’d Art, the on-line community of artists creating and trading fabric postcards through the mail, has a new face! We’re the same artists. You may have even visited our site before. It’s been around since July 2004 (when we became a group and first appeared in cyberspace). If I had been asked in 2004 where I expected this group to be in 2011, I’m not sure I would have had an answer. Let me just say that being a part of this group has changed my life. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I won’t go into that here and now — the more important question is: What is the group up to and what is this new face all about?

The biggest change for our site is the addition of this blog which allows us to share our art and thoughts with you directly.  And more importantly, you will be able share your comments and thoughts with us (Just click in the cloud, top right or Leave a Reply, below.) — and we hope there will be plenty of those! And, lucky for you, two other members of our group are committed to sharing, so you’ll hear from Lynn Chinnis and Karen Musgrave as well.

Please tour the site. ABOUT shares the Reader’s-Digest version of how this group was formed. Hover your cursor over the FEATURED TECHNIQUES tab to see a drop-down menu of articles written by members who have graciously shared their experience in using a particular technique in their art — there’s a load of inspiration to be tapped! FAQ should answer many questions for those of you new to the concept of mailing fabric art. The GALLERY features postcards of many of our members. LINKS will take you away for a visit with some of our members who have their own site and/or blog. And if this tour has stimulated your interest in learning new things via this small format, then click on over to JOIN A NEW GROUP to learn how you can get started.

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Thanks for reading and commenting. If you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing, please click on the “follow” button in the left column.

Until next time,

Franki Kohler

Oakland, CA

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